Krivoy Rog Film Festival "Cinema under the Stars";

The organizers and founders of the festival:
• Metinvest
• The management and union committee of PJSC "SevGOK"

Informational partner:
• Studio "Tandem", Krivoy Rog
• Newspaper "Progress", Krivoy Rog, PJSC "SevGOK"
• TRC "Rudana", Krivoy Rog
• All-Ukrainian project Movie studio «CinemaHall»
• Advertising and information publication Kryvbas On-Line

Goals and objectives of the Festival:
• festival as a creative laboratory, a platform for new projects;
• Support youth initiatives and youth movement at PJSC "SevGOK";
support for creative young people, developing the creative potential of the factory workers;
• exchange of experiences and increase the overall professionalism of the participants.

Participants of the Festival:
• member of the Festival can be any person who has attained the age of 12, regardless of gender, religion, language and other restrictions, acquainted with the Rules of the Festival, performing his claims and has filed an application in the specified form.

• All video content provided by authors and owners of the Festival in the competition, will then be donated, in whole or in part, used in non-social programs, charities and other volunteer projects;
• the submitted materials will not be returned.

Nominations Festival
• Documentary
• Fiction
• Music video
• Animation
• Experimental film
• Social Movie
Running time - 15 min.

Possible establishment of additional nominations and special awards.
One work may be presented only in one category.
Each party may be represented by not more than 3 works.

In identifying the winner will be considered:
• the idea of
• The relevance
• originality
• Installation
• comfortable viewing and ease of perception

Requirements for movie:
• Language Film - Russian or Ukrainian. In all other cases, necessary to have subtitles in Russian or Ukrainian;
• films and videos in formats MPEG2, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV to DVD disc or via file-sharing services;
• File size - up to 2 GB (frame size - from 720 * 576 px, bitrate video - 5000 kbps, bitrate audio - 192 kbps)
• for each film must be accompanied by a set of promotional materials:
• photo director (and / or the entire creative team);
• 2-5 still images from the film (and / or poster);
• the official trailer, or 30 seconds of your movie thread.
(specify the download link in the appropriate fields Application form)

The competition films are not allowed:

• breach or violation of the legislation calling for Ukraine;
• offensive to human dignity of a person or group of persons;
• insulting religious and national feelings;
• promote violence, drugs, racial hatred, etc. ;
• containing elements of pornography;
• containing advertising firms, services, goods in an explicit or implicit.

• Competition films are accepted until July 31, 2016.

The jury and the evaluation procedure works:
• winners are determined by a competent jury;
• Festival jury composed of representatives of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, specialists in various fields related to the film, journalists and representatives of official authorities, donors and NGOs.

• summarizing and awarding of winners held on the last day of the Festival;
• Organizing Committee and members of the jury are not required to comment on its decisions regarding the selection and evaluation of works;
• Festival winners present at the award ceremony in person, receive prizes and diplomas.

Official site of exhibition:
• Krivoy Rog, the area in front of the Palace of Culture PJSC "SevGOK"

Our contacts:
• Address: 50089, Krivoy Rog, a/I 5033, Krivoy Rog Film Festival "Cinema under the Stars";
• Tel.: +380939757632, +380976035490;
• E-mail: kr-fest@i.ua;
• http://kr-fest.org.ua

I agree with the Rules of the festival

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